This Blog Is Being Retired


This blog is being retired–but only because Appalachian has created an even better way for me to communicate with all first-year students! That’s right, first-year students who’ve entered the University with fewer than 30 transfer credits will automatically be in the “First Year Seminar” AppSync communication portal.  Through this internal communications network (it’s sort of like a local Facebook system), I’ll be able to message all first-year students.  Likewise, each specific FYS course will be in its own group under the First Year Seminar portal. So that way an individual instructor can also message their own students about co-curricular events and such.  The beauty of AppSync is that you’ll also be able to stay in the system for participating in co-curricular events and clubs throughout your time at Appalachian. When you move to sophomore status, you’ll be removed from the FYS portal but you can stay in any of the other AppSync groups (or “portals”) that you find interesting, such as global connections, wellness, or undergraduate research!

The First Year Seminar portal is here.

If you are already a sophomore now, check out the engagement tracks in AppSync under the Engaged Learning umbrella–each track has its own portal on AppSync. Sign up for one (or more!) that you find interesting: Global Connections, Civic Engagement, Undergraduate Research, Student Leadership, Wellness, and Sustainability.



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