Is Your FYS Instructor Award Material?


If you are enjoying, or enjoyed, your FYS instructor, you have until March 4 to nominate them for a teaching award.  The Rennie W. Brantz Award for Outstanding Teaching in the First Year Seminar honors a FYS instructor who demonstrates exemplary teaching and has made an impact on student lives in the First Year Seminar classroom.

Examples of Outstanding Teaching in FYS may include:

-Enthusiasm in the classroom.
-Evidence of innovation in pedagogy
-Creation of a safe and open space in the classroom where students are free to take intellectual risks and form meaningful relationships.
-Demonstrated competence and expertise in the subject matter of the course.
-Connection of learning in the classroom to the life of the broader community.

Eligible candidates: any faculty member who taught FYS (UCO 1200, HON 1515, or WRC 1103). In order to nominate an instructor, please send the nominee’s name, e-mail address, and a brief statement of the reasons for your nomination by March 4, 2016 to Kristin Hyle, chair of the University College Awards Committee.


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