Take Your MAP-WORKS Survey


It’s time for freshmen and new transfer students to complete the required survey online on the MAP-Works website, and then view their individualized Student Outcome Reports. On Feb. 4, first-years students (whether you entered in fall ’15 or in spring ’16) will receive an email with the link to the online survey.  The subject line will read: Mapworks Spring Survey Requirement.

Why do you have to take this 10-minute survey about your courses, roommate situation, and overall experience at Appalachian? Because the University tries to help new students succeed and this survey tool is a way we check in with you. We want you to succeed here and have a good experience.

Once you take the survey it gives you a risk indicator based on your study habits and other answers you gave.  You could get a green, which indicates that you’re on target for success, a yellow to indicate that you’ve at a slight risk of poor academic performance, or a red for being at risk of poor academic performance. Once you see where you stand, and if you are at risk, the system offers you ways to get help.  It’s all about checking in and turning things around before it’s too late.

Students who complete the survey have said (in conversation, focus groups, and scholarship applications) that they found their MAP-Works survey-taking experience helpful because:
– It was a wakeup call;
– It helped me change some of my study habits; and
– It offered helpful advice to turn a bad college experience into a good one.

You can take the survey between Feb 4 and Feb 24.


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