Monthly Archives: December 2015

Preparing for Finals


Feel like there’s so much to do in a really short amount of time?  Here’s how you can take stock and prepare a plan of action to make it through finals.

Step one:

Visit to find a four-page final exam planning packet. Print it out—even if you have a wonderful digital calendar or system, use this paper copy as a planning and thinking tool– and as a road map for the final weeks of the semester.

Step two:

Write down the times of your finals for each class you’re in.

Step three:

Go through each syllabus and record all remaining deadlines and tasks. Review your class notes in case you recorded any deadlines and important notes there, too.

Step four:

Break large assignments into smaller steps. Be sure to identify any questions you might have for your professors so you can ask them now.  Make sure you understand what is expected for every major test and project.  Attend every class—hints and insights will be shared every day that will boost your success.

Step five: 

Strive to take care of yourself for this final phase—get enough sleep, make healthy choices in nutrition, and save time to exercise. Your mind is connected to the rest of your body. Communicate with friends, roommates, and family members that this month is particularly challenging, and you may not have as much free time as usual.

Step six:

Whittle away at each project or major test. Try to spend a little time with each one every day—reviewing is more effective (and more motivating!) if you spread it out over time.

Yes, the final days of the semester do require a lot of time studying.  Break will be here before you know it. Plan now to end this semester on a strong note!