What is the Cost of Poverty?

Remember, you should be doing at least as much learning outside of your classes as you are doing in classes.  Here’s one such opportunity.  And you can even earn an official certification for your civic engagement efforts.
Social Justice Coffee Hour, a committee of the A.C.T. Office on campus, will be hosting an event called C.O.P.E, or the Cost of Poverty Experience next WednesdayNovember 18th from 6-8pm on the fourth floor of the Plemmons Student Union.
The Cost of Poverty Experience is an event that offers participants a glimpse into the lives of low-income individuals and families living in the Boone community, through the presence of volunteers who take on the role of agencies (schools, law enforcement, grocery store), and through the presence of participants who take on the role of the low-income families. They seek a few more volunteers to fill the roles of the agencies during the even and participants. The committee would highly appreciate if you are interested in attending.  Students so interested, or simply interested in COPE in general, may email Courtney Quick (quickcr “at” appstate.edu).
And again, please consider earning the Civic Engagement Certificate during your time at Appalachian.  Students who enroll in four designated service-learning courses, complete a portfolio of the work from those classes, and participate in either an international service-learning course or a service capstone project can receive the Civic Engagement Certification.  Designation of the Certificate appears on your academic transcript and you receive a special stole to wear at graduation.  Woot!

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