Welcome HOME to Appalachian State


This is a blog for new, first-year students at Appalachian State. . . .

Welcome home. I know that may sound strange, since it’s your first week here at Appalachian. But we academics like to think of home as something more than a place you occupy permanently or hang up all your clothes.

Let the green surroundings of our beautiful campus with plenty of places to contemplate encourage you to focus on your studies, your immediate goals, and your big dreams.  Find a place here that is uniquely your own: a favorite spot under a favorite tree, or a favorite room in a favorite building.  You’ll find some spaces seem to speak to who you are or who you want to become. (Try that under the florescent lights of your local D.M.V.!)

Interestingly enough, this year’s Homecoming celebration has the theme of “Home Sweet Home Appalachian,” and you’ll notice that weekend in October that the many alumni–who were once in your shoes and who’ve gone on to amazing careers and lives–still call Appalachian “home.”  I think you will, too.

And of course, while it’s a football game that sets up the Homecoming event, in the end our alumni were–as you are–here for something way beyond exciting games of football.  Ten and 20 years from now, your football will have deflated and your beer will have evaporated.  But your books, and the spirit of discovery and creativity they represent, will have only grown.

Perhaps I should come out from behind the curtain and introduce myself. I’m Martha McCaughey, not particularly great or powerful, simply a professor here at Appalachian.  I also coordinate our First Year Seminar program.  You probably know of this blog through your FYS class, and I hope you’ll sign up for weekly posts that include tips for navigating the complex world of the university.  But, of course, this blog is not required.  And if you’ve moved on to sophomore or junior status you are, of course, free to un-subscribe.

Welcome home.



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