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Famous and Fun Scholar Tonight (Thur, 4/14) on Campus- 7pm


Few first-year students could possibly be aware of “who’s who” among world famous scholars. Sure, you know of some who have been dead a while, like the poet your parents almost named you after and that sort of thing.  So just take my word for this one.  Prof. Michael Kimmel is one of the most well known, well read, oft-cited scholars about American men and masculinity alive today.  But what’s more, and perhaps more relevant for your purposes, he’s a great, fun, and funny speaker.  Still more relevant perhaps, for your purposes, is that he’s speaking ON OUR CAMPUS TONIGHT AT 7:00pm (Schaeffer Center- you know, the big auditorium on Rivers Street) and the talk is FREE.   I mean, who should study the CRISIS AMONG MEN anyway? Who should go hear a talk about GUYS ON CAMPUSES TODAY? Hm, I’d say: (1) guys and (2) anyone who hangs out with guys.  Why attend? Kimmel will make the case that being a guy in today’s American culture is hard work and lacks the rewards young men feel they were promised.  It pays in more ways than one to question what being a guy means.