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NOT the Way to Blow Your Mind: Student Drug Overdoses


Twelve Wesleyan University students and friends were taken by ambulance to the hospital in critical condition this week because, according to this New York Times article, they took an illegal drug known as Molly, a club drug also known, in various forms, as MDMA or Ecstasy.

Now, research has shown that younger people take more risks and worry less about consequences than older people.  No doubt these Wesleyan students and the friends at their parties last Saturday night thought they’d have a harmless night of fun with a feel-good mind-altering substance.  But what happened to these young people serves as a serious cautionary tale.

You’re at Appalachian to get smarter and grow as a person socially, emotionally, intellectually, artistically, etc., etc., etc.  And yes, I realize you can find a way to rationalize experimentation with drugs in that scheme.  And no, I have not forgotten that many of you are also here for the access to sexually active single people and perhaps also a good parking spot. But please keep your higher purpose in view while you are living and working here on the Appalachian campus.

We need you in our classes, in our community, and in the world.  And you should be functioning as your best self.  Please take yourself as seriously as we take you.  And remember, you are one of a small number of people in the world who has the privilege of higher education and the life it can open up for you.  We want the experience at Appalachian to blow your mind, and believe the new ideas and connections you make will give you a seriously addicting high.  Don’t blow that for one night of partying. The two highs, and the two lives you could have, really don’t compare.


Skipping Class: A Major Predictor of Failing Class


Did you know that skipping class is the best predictor that you’ll flunk?  So even if you don’t feel bad wasting your tuition dollars (or the taxpayers’ dollars) when you skip class, you probably ought to attend class regularly just so you don’t flunk out.

When I spoke with some academic advisors, they said that students who are on academic probation because of bad grades routinely attribute the problem to not attending class.

While it can be tempting to skip class when you’re feeling down, keep in mind that once you’re there you’re part of a learning community that might just lift your spirits. I mean, will it really help things to stay in your dorm under the covers feeling sad and blue?

Moreover, once a student starts to skip class they can end up too embarrassed to show up and start trying again, thereby starting a vicious cycle they might not get out of.  If you’ve already missed too many meetings of a class (or classes), DON’T GIVE UP– SHOW UP!

Spacing Out is Good?


Wait, what? Oh, sorry, I was just spacing out. Spacing out is considered a lost art with helpful benefits!  (However, you’re probably not supposed to cultivate the space-out during class….)

Come learn the “Lost Art of Spacing Out” at the Student Union this Wednesday, Feb. 11 at 11am. Details below!

The Counseling Center presents:

Bored and Brilliant: The Lost Art of Spacing Out

Wed. Feb. 11th11:00-12:00pm in Three Top Mountain/Union

Extra credit slips will be made available