Test your mOOd


When I was a kid, in the 70s, I wore a mood ring.  The stone on such a ring changed colors according to your mood (or so we aspiring preteen hippies thought).  Today, you can actually go TEST your mood with sciencey stuff.  Any time from 10:00am to 2:00pm on Thursday, October 9th, in the Student Union’s Calloway Peak room, you can walk in and get a free mood test (which is groovy talk for mental health screening that’s given by the ASU Counseling Center).  By the time I got to college, mood rings were passé but nothing had replaced the real value there is in checking in with and about your inner state.  College can present so many new challenges and stresses that is is gOOd to test your mOOd. dOO it.

Test Your Mood


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