Quiz: Which Student Are YOU?


You love taking quizzes.  I know; I’m on Facebook.  So please take these two–you’ll gain meaningful insight into your performance as a student and with one of them can predict how well you’ll do by semester’s end.  However, you won’t find out which cartoon character, which character from Gilligan’s Island, or which color of the rainbow you are.


Take the online survey here; if you can’t remember whether or not you took it, don’t worry–your userID and PW will be required so as to ensure that you don’t take it twice.  This tells us how “global” you are in your thinking and values.  It’s an important snapshot or measure of your global IQ “before” your college education.  When you graduate we’ll look at you as an “after” and see how much you’ve learned and grown.


This is a self-assessment that the University requires all freshmen to take.  Take the survey here and tell us how your studies, your roommate situation, and your experiences at Appalachian have been going so far.  You’ll get customized feedback at the end. For example, some frosh report on this survey how many hours per week they’re studying and then find out that those hours are consistent with a 1.0 grade point average.  This quiz can be a great reality check. Take the quiz online here.


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