is your future DISPOSABLE?


Renowned public intellectual and cultural critic Dr. Henry Giroux will speak on “Disposable Futures: Neoliberalism’s Assault on Higher Education” at 7:00 pm on Thursday, September 25 at the Schaefer Center auditorium on the Appalachian State campus.

Named one of the 50 top educational thinkers of the 20th Century in Routledge’s “50 Modern Thinkers on Education: From Piaget to the Present,” Dr. Giroux is Global Television Network Chair in Communication Studies at McMaster University, former Professor at Penn State, earned his PhD Carnegie-Mellon and an MA from Appalachian State (yep!), and the author of recent books like The University in Chains and The Educational Deficit and the War on Youth.

Attend to learn Giroux’s arguments about what is happening to your educational experience and your future.  Giroux argues that we are undergoing “a full-fledged assault on public goods, democratic public spheres, and the role of education in creating an informed and enlightened citizenry.”  The purpose of higher education in America was always to produce an enlightened, democratic, and free society.  This purpose is being diverted to serve special interests. But hey, it’s your future.


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